Conversation, creativity and community are at the heart of this clothing brand, and it’s all happening here.

Sun Sessions have been happening for several years, some iterations involving hundreds of guests. But the gatherings started small, like this one, in Kerry, Alex and Mike Faherty’s two-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn years ago—nights of meditation, food and pours of good wine, candles lit, and music. There’s always music played live.

Kerry and Alex are hosting this Mexico getaway and their only request is for guests to show up with something to share—a talent, a skill, a passion—and bring a guitar or a surfboard if you have one. Some of the guests know no one else when they arrive.

Share your gift—it’s a terrific premise for a weekender. Everyone is all in from the start, feeling the warm sunshine, and quickly falling under the spell of Mexico’s magic.

There’s about a dozen of us, and the house is about a dozen miles south of Sayulita, on the coast of Riviera Nayarit.Pacific waves roll in along the shoreline down the bank past the palm trees. Multi-colored birds—painted buntings—are flitting past the banana trees, and we squint at the bright horizon and notice something rising on the Pacific water’s surface. It’s like a beautiful dream. Pods of humpback whales are leaping from the water, thrashing, tails splashing back into the bay in their annual breeding and birthing ground rituals.

The tropical vibe and shared energy is palpable. At dinner we’re at one big table—essentially surfboard-shaped—that spans a patio with a roof overhead, but no walls on the ocean-facing side. “I can’t wait to get to know you all,” says singer/songwriter Arum Rae. In the salt-air night we ask each other questions, and begin sharing our stories.

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