Faherty started out as the childhood dream of twin brothers, Alex and Mike...but it was only able to come to life with the help of co-founder Kerry (aka Alex’s better half) and Ninie, the twins’ mom. 

Over the last 8 years, our family business has grown to include 96 incredibly talented women; that’s 61% of the entire company. Every day they push us to learn, change, and grow by challenging the definition of what it means to be a fashion company. 

It’s fitting, then, that the  2021 International Women’s Day  theme is challenge. Being challenged keeps us alert — don’t take things for granted, stay open to change, and embrace individual responsibility. 

We’ll be spending this year challenging ourselves and the world around us, and we hope you’ll do the same — because, in the end, we know we’re #bettertogether. And until we can all be back together in person, we thought we’d take a moment to introduce you to a few of our amazing team members!


 LEFT: Kerry
RIGHT: Ninie


Kerry Docherty | Co-Founder and Chief Impact Officer

What she’s wearing:  The Willa Top (currently only available in White, new colors coming soon)

"Not to be woo-woo, but I firmly believe that the matriarchy is rising. Women (particularly in the BIPOC community) are shifting our consciousness to be more loving and more connected to each other and the world. Good things are coming.”


Ninie Norris | VP Store Design 

What she’s wearing:  The Studio Chore Jacket

“Keep learning, but just know that in twenty years you’ll have to unlearn it.”


 LEFT: Nancy
RIGHT: Sarah


Nancy Chen | Email & Retention Marketing Manager 

What she’s wearing:  The Legend Sweater Hoodie


Sarah Apollo | Graphic Designer 

What she’s wearing:  Gila Rib Henley

“I’m pretty sure my co-workers only ever see me in a Gila Rib Henley on Zoom calls…it’s my favorite WFH shirt!”


 LEFT: Jordan
RIGHT: Elyse


Jordan Whiting | East Coast District Leader 

What she’s wearing:  Paloma Duster Cardigan


Elyse Ciliberto | Store Manager, Spring Lake 


 LEFT: Nora
RIGHT: Maura


Nora Stiles | Women’s Merchandising Manager

What she’s wearing:  Avery Shirt  (also available in  Blue/White Stripe  and  Parlimentia Stripe)


Maura Sheahan | Customer Experience 

What she’s wearing:  Bondi Shorts


 LEFT: Cynthia
RIGHT: Monica


Cynthia Heron | Store Manager, Big Sky 

What she’s wearing:  Legend Sweater Shirt

Live your best day every day, and most of all be happy!”


Monica Pereira | Operation Lead, Hudson Yards 

What she’s wearing:  Rikki Jeans  and the  Nantucket Shirt

“Every woman’s success should be an inspiration to another. We’re the strongest when we cheer each other on.”


LEFT: Jayme
RIGHT: Molly

Jayme Gruetzmacher | VP, People 

Molly McQuade | Merchandising Planner 


We're always looking for new role models (and partners in crime), so share the women in your life who inspire and challenge you with us  @FahertyBrand  with the #bettertogether on Instagram.



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