When our creative, entrepreneur, and educator  Sinikiwe Stephanie Dhliwayo  (pictured above in our new Surf Sweater set, coming soon) reached out about rounding up a few friends to take our Spring Collection for a spin, we were all in. 

A few weeks later, the group gathered at  The Rockaway Hotel  with photographer  Allie Holloway  and makeup artist  Deepti Sadhwani  to make magic happen. 


LEFT:  Joy Norton  in our newest overalls, coming soon, and the  Roscoe Legend Ribbed Turtleneck.
RIGHT: Joy in the  Paloma Duster Cardigan.


“I am driven to create artwork that showcases the totality of the human experience. Namely, that of BIPOC folks that celebrate that we are here — that we are breathing.”
      — Sinikiwe Dhliwayo


LEFT: Joy in the  Isha Dress  and  Adirondack Blanket.
RIGHT:  Hillary Lopes  in the a new color of our Willa Top, coming soon.


“The Rockaway Hotel served as a beautiful backdrop for creating these images and allowed me to execute on the aforementioned vision.”
      — Sinikiwe Dhliwayo


LEFT: Hillary in the a new-for-spring version of our Hailee Dress, coming soon.
RIGHT: Hillary in the Serene Sweater Set, also coming soon!


Sinikiwe’s new storytelling platform,  Black Folks Breathing, launches March 13th — you can learn more about her work in  our previous Journal post, or follow along  @naaya.wellness




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