Sun-faded, bleached out, worn-in, deliciously soft, and perfectly lived in: this is the good kind of washed out. 

We love the look and feel of our favorite old clothes, so we set about figuring out how to get them that way from Day 1. How? By using a more sustainable process called ozone washing. 


Model in chore jacket on left, in pants on right.

LEFT: Sunwashed Chore Jacket, coming soon.
RIGHT: Rikki Pant, coming soon.


Traditional methods of dyeing and washing clothing are incredibly resource-intensive, and not very environmentally-friendly. Ozone washing relies on electricity and air to finish fabrics — and it gives them that softened, “sun-washed” effect, too. 


Model in t-shirts.

LEFT & RIGHT:  The Sunwashed Pocket Tee


It uses no liquid chemicals, fewer chemicals overall, less energy, less water, and is faster than traditional methods. Technically speaking, a machine takes in air, converts that air into ozone gas, uses the gas to wash the garments, and then converts the gas back into O2 before releasing it into the atmosphere. 


Model in sweater.

LEFT:  Muir Tie-Dye Sweater
RIGHT: Horizon Sunset Poncho, coming soon.


Basically: it’s a way of giving clothes that vintage look and feel, without negatively impacting their longevity. We love it, and we think you will, too. 



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