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People 03.17.20

It makes sense that they have a good love story. Vienna Pharaon had developed a successful practice in Manhattan as a couples and family therapist focused on mindfulness—and she’s led several popular Sun Sessions discussions at Faherty stores in New York. Meanwhile, Connor Beaton, a former opera singer and Apple team leader who lived in Vancouver, had founded ManTalks, a podcast and series to create community and guidance for men. When they met through friends they were attracted, but each was also keenly aware that the other lived a continent apart.

After catching a glimpse of her down a hallway getting ready for their first official date, Connor knew he’d found his partner. Through long phone conversations and several flights a month to see each other the relationship truly grew. These days, he’s moved east to live in New York with Vienna. They’ve married, honeymooned in Patagonia, and now lead workshops and retreats together, including a six-week, online counseling program, “Get The Love You Want,” to help people understand the patterns that can sabotage relationships, and how to create deeper intimacy.

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