Meet Auyon Mukharji

People 03.18.20

Sometimes wearing his long hair in a top-knot, violinist Auyon Mukharji has been learning to play basketball lately. And to Mexico, he brought a slackline— essentially a portable tightrope—in case there would be time to practice balance with the rest of the Sun Sessions crowd. He has a humble wit that’s captivating—ask him about the time he tried doing stand-up comedy— but his humor melds quickly into music.

Auyon is a pro at harmonizing, literally, as one of the four members of the Boston-based, indie quartet Darlingside. Darlingside’s layered sound of voices, strings and percussion gets compared to 1960s-era Simon & Garfunkel or The Byrds. But their collaboratively-written lyrics are modern-themed, inspired by literature, video games and sci-fi—check out the animation in videos from their albums Birds Say and Extralife. More used to performing as part of a band, when Auyon plays for us at the beach in Mexico, he soon encourages other guests to join in, including recording artist Arum Rae and Connor Beaton, who formerly toured as an opera singer.

Auyon and the band have an amazing year in store. Follow them @darlingside


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