Everyone feels the emotion welling when this muscular man talks of growing up in poverty in Brooklyn, and of helping and listening to others who have also experienced prison life. After serving 10 years in a federal penitentiary, Hector emerged with a new vision for life based on health and fitness. While in prison he studied the industry and then when he was released, his drive and work ethic led him to become a successful personal trainer—one of the top in NYC—and he also founded a remarkable nonprofit organization. A Second U Foundation recruits and works with formerly incarcerated men and women to prep them for their own careers in personal training and mentorship, and helps with job placement at health clubs and gyms.

The participants who complete the rigorous six-week training program are their own success stories—they gain national certification in personal training, and none have re-entered prison. Simply, Hector inspires with both words and action. On a stretch of sand at this Sun Sessions, he leads a boot camp-style exercise class. 25 push-ups. 20 burpees. 50 jumping jacks. More.

Hector is always on the move. Try to keep up 

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