Meet the Makers: Roberto Montero Batalla

People 05.03.22

We’ll never think of coffee the same way again after visiting Roberto Montero Batalla at his family’s fourth-generation organic farm. Located in the Talamanca Mountains in southern Costa Rica, Hacienda La Amistad is renowned for their shade-grown coffee with soft fruit tones and clean, smooth finish as well as being a leader in sustainable agriculture.

The off-the-grid farm operates in a circular ecosystem where nothing goes to waste. Byproducts from the coffee berries become compost or help power dryers at the mill. Springs from the rainforest produce hydroelectric power for machinery and supply fresh water to the neighboring village. During coffee harvest, he provides free housing and access to medical care for seasonal laborers. And while most producers export their beans, Roberto recently started roasting in-house to keep more money in the community. “We believe a truly regenerative business is one that coexists with nature and cares for both the land and the people who work the land,” he says.   

We are honored to partner with Hacienda La Amistad to create our own Faherty blend coffee. Falling between a medium and dark roast with notes of mocha, it’s exactly what you crave coming back from dawn patrol.


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