Meet the Makers: Roberto Montero Batalla

People 05.03.22

The humble seed of the Coffea plant generates $200 billion dollars worth of coffee a year and provides a living for 125 million people. But we rarely think beyond whether we want it hot or iced. After visiting Roberto Montero Batalla at his family’s fourth-generation organic farm, Hacienda La Amistad, we’ll never think of our morning (and 2pm cup) of coffee the same way again.

Up in the Talamanca Mountains in southern Costa Rica, Hacienda La Amistad has been rebelling and leading the revolution against the exploitative practices of industrial agriculture since 1987. The off-the-grid farm embraces traditional ecological knowledge to grow coffee sustainably and in a way that invests in Indigenous communities and the well-being of farm workers.

Through regenerative agriculture processes, La Amistad aims to increase biodiversity, enrich soils, improve watersheds, and ultimately, enhance ecosystem services. Byproducts from the coffee berries become compost or help power dryers at the mill. Springs from the rainforest produce hydroelectric power for machinery and supply fresh water to the neighboring village. Hacienda La Amistad also protects 63% of its land, helping to conserve the tropical rainforest that it calls home. 

Coffee is also about the farm workers who have been historically marginalized and exploited by colonialism and capitalism. During harvest, La Amistad provides free housing and access to medical care to the seasonal laborers with whom he has developed close relationships with. Many are Ngöbe- Buglé Indigenous from Panama and travel with their entire families. And while most producers export their beans, Roberto recently started roasting in-house to keep more money in the community. “We believe a truly regenerative business is one that coexists with nature and cares for both the land and the people who work the land,” he says. 

We are honored to partner with Hacienda La Amistad, whose commitment to sustainability and ethical practices inspires us. Support the coffee revolution with the limited edition Hacienda x Faherty Sun and Wave Brew. Falling between a medium and dark roast with notes of mocha, it’s blended by nature and exactly what you crave coming back from dawn patrol. From now until August 10th, 100% of proceeds from our collaboration will benefit the Osa Conservation, which is dedicated to protecting the globally significant biodiversity of the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica, near Hacienda La Amistad. Grab a bag today and help support this great cause. 

Sun + Wave Brew is only available in our retail locations at this time. 


To learn more about Roberto and La Hacienda Amistad check them out on their website or follow along on Instagram at @hacienda_la_amistad

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