1. Our Spring 2021 Collection is dedicated to the chefs, restaurateurs, and teams of New York City's restaurants — stay tuned for their stories. 

New York is our home.  

But it’s far more than just a place — it's a living idea, a continuous work in progress that's both an incubator for dreams and a beacon for dreamers, composed of the best of humanity and inspiring us every damn day: to keep learning, to keep asking questions, and to keep working harder. We're indebted to everyone that makes New York possible.
Woman in jumpsuit leaving restaurant. Woman holding basket of vegetables.

LEFT: Restaurateur Annie Shi in the Arlie Day Jumpsuit.
RIGHT: Chef Carolina Saavedra in the Mariposa Top.

This indefatigable city continuously nourishes us — our minds, our eyes, our souls, and our bellies. In particular, this city’s restaurants are where so many important moments in our lives have happened: it’s where we’ve celebrated with friends, family, and strangers alike, where we’ve fallen in love, where we’ve received inspiration, and where we’ve been introduced to new cultures by way of our palates.

We’ve been nurtured in more ways than we can count by the people who work tirelessly and painstakingly to let us break bread at their tables — and yet these businesses and individuals are suffering.

Man leaning against bar. Man leaning against counter.

LEFT: Chef JJ Johnson in the Cloud Henley.
RIGHT: Chef James Kent in the Movement Shirt.

We wanted to see what small part we could play in helping them through this crisis, so we reached out to our friends at ROAR, an organization dedicated to taking care of New York's restaurant workers and securing a sustainable future for our city’s eateries.

Together, we were able to showcase a few of New York’s incredible restaurant teams, and we’ll be donating $25,000 to their Restaurant Employee Relief Fund. You can learn more about our partnership together here, and support their work directly at roarnewyork.org/.

LEFT: Restaurateur Wilson Tang in the Movement Long-Sleeve Polo and All Day Shorts.
RIGHT: Bar Director Lynnette Marrero in the  Savoie Jumpsuit.

A heartfelt thanks to the ROAR community, every team on these pages, and every small business working to survive this past year, in New York and across the country.

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