Singer, Songwriter, Arum Rae

People 03.17.20

Her hair’s still damp from swimming in the Pacific when she brings her guitar nearer to where we’re all sitting around the fire, and she sings the beautiful, captivating song “Should I." The rest of us are mesmerized. Arum Rae’s voice and vulnerable lyrics about trepidation while waiting for a date to arrive have
us gathered close for every word and note.

The singer/ songwriter with a vocal tone that’s compared sometimes to Ella Fitzgerald and Sade will be back in the studio this year to record a new album, adding to her catalog of more than a half-dozen other recordings, including EPs and her acoustic Sub Rosa from 2017 with the pale pink cover and pure white vinyl LP.

Arum can be seen playing music in all kinds of wonderful places. Keep an eye out by following @arumrae

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