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A Champion for Women

People 03.17.20

“Womxn,” a series of 12 short films, each a personal conversation about the experience of being a woman got us all talking at the Sun Sessions in Mexico. The documentary series is the latest film project of Geneva Peschka, a director and producer whose focus is storytelling.

Originally from Canada, she’s especially interested in the power of human connection. And after we watched the films together, she led us in a conversation around how we felt after seeing the film series’ celebration of “everyday women” who may not typically be in the media spotlight—immigrants and women in the transgender community, a nail salon technician, a housekeeper. “At what point in your life did you realize your own power and greatness?” sparked discussions of gender, family and identity.

Recently, Geneva released a revered short documentary called Unspoken,” a movie that chronicles a 14-year-old autism spectrum ambassador named Emma.

This year, Geneva has been meeting with indigenous peoples to develop her first feature-length documentary, a film about the Native American community. Follow @gneva for updates.

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