She's a Dynamo of Energy

People 02.18.20

Pastry chef, runner and mom of two, Erin Kanagyloux was the first to grab an extra board and line up try surfing in Mexico.

She learned and then taught baking and pastry, and had lived in Japan, Oregon, and Pennsylvania before moving to New York, where she now works with Union Square Catering. Erin is known for her focus on technique and texture, for feats of cake, and for being able to “MacGyver” any situation in the unpredictable catering industry. When in the city she shops, early, at the farmers market in Union Square for the best farm produce.

In Mexico she also sought out fresh, local ingredients and now she’s known among the Sun Sessions crowd for something else—that incredible panna cotta dessert she concocted for us on fly with avocados and coconut.

Be prepared to salivate over Erin’s masterpieces @erinkanagyloux

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