Singer, Song-Writer and Producer, Geminelle

People 05.15.20

With a ukulele in her arms and a millennia of stratified rock in the sea cliffs rising high behind her, Geminelle is playing and singing, as the tide comes in.

I invite ease and joy,

I invite ease and joy,

I invite ease and joy.

Beach-goers walking past along the shore at Sunset Cliffs, including a couple of guys in wetsuits with spearfishing gear, pause to listen while she sings and strums. Like a soulful lullaby, the music is part of her latest project, one of a series of mantra loops that the artist with bountiful curls and a radiant smile creates and debuts regularly on her Instagram page @geminelle.

She started writing and performing the looping mantra verses after a friend encouraged her to join in a healing sound bath she was hosting. “At first I felt a dissidence, and then a resonance,” Geminelle remembers of the gong’s notes played that night. She left feeling different somehow, and she soon wrote her first mantra loop,

My success is inevitable,

My success is inevitable, inevitable

I will win

My success it is inevitable

I will win

my success

is inevitable.

In her hometown of San Diego, Geminelle says she works to be a clearer vessel so she can better connect with her listeners, and she often gets that clarity in nature— particularly when watching the water. One of her favorite beaches is at Coronado, and she says she’ll sometimes go around 4 a.m. when the only other people there are fishing, moving quietly, as the waves wash in. “I like to watch the darkness become light—to start my day before the day starts.”

Geminelle began singing as a child, taking requests for karaoke performances at family gatherings. Her mother is Hawaiian, and there was always a ukulele around the house, she says, and the petite-sized and portable stringed instrument remains a favorite, especially when singing and songwriting outdoors.

She mixes fashion and visual arts into her online clips and videos, and she released her debut album, Audiobook, in 2016. Geminelle has been a part of the Resistance Revival Choir, and last winter, she released a collection of her Instagram-born rhythms online as Mantra Loops, Vol. 1, including a Faherty favorite:

The joy is in the work,

The joy is in the work,

The joy is in the work.

Geminelle is passionate about merging education and music to “be a voice of messages that people need”. You can follow her journey at

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