To celebrate our new store opening in Jackson Hole, WY, we sent photographer (and former boy scout)  Aaron Colussi  to take some of our gear out for a spin. 


LEFT:  Alpaca Motif Scarf, and  Sherpa-Lined Field Parka. RIGHT:  Sun & Waves Cardigan.


He and a few friends — Jimi Ryan, a professional skier, and Emilé Newman and Christian Johansen (both aspiring athletes) — spent three days hitting the slopes, warming up by the fire, rinse and repeat. 


TOP LEFT:  Sherpa-Lined Jacquard RobeCloud HenleyTraveler Pant, and  Forsake Davos High Boots.
BOTTOM LEFT: Surf Sweater,  Surf Jogger, and  Forsake Lucie Mid Shoes.
RIGHT: All Conditions Jacket (Coming Soon),  Traveler Pant, and  
Forsake Davos High Boots. 


The Faherty store is located at 50 South King Street, not far from the awesome  Anvil Hotel  and one of the best restaurants in town,  Glorietta, where the team spent the majority of Day 1.


Arosa CoatLegend Sweater Dress,  Snowbird Beanie, and Forsake Patch Boots.


Day 2 took everyone over to Moose Creek Ranch in Victor Idaho, followed by a sunrise skiing session in Grand Teton National Park on the last day of the trip — totally worth a couple of face plants in the snow. 


LEFT:  Flecked Merino Crew and  Merino Turnup Beanie.  RIGHT:  Reversible Sherpa Atmosphere Jacket.


“The thing with Jackson during the winter is that it can be crazy cold and very grey; the Tetons create a frozen fog layer that sticks around. We got super lucky, with upwards of 20 inches of fresh snow and one incredible bluebird day — super epic.”


Merino Turnup Beanie,  Reversible Sherpa Atmosphere Jacket, and  Sherpa-Lined Field Parka.


If you're in the area or end up passing through — come say hi at  our new store! We can't wait to see you.

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