In our corner of the fashion world, based right here in New York, we're fully aware of the hefty impact our industry has on the planet. It's a responsibility we take seriously. That's why, in April, we proudly announced our support for The Fashion Sustainability and Social Accountability Act (Fashion Act). We're talking about groundbreaking regulations that could truly shake up the way our industry operates. And let me tell you, we're excited to be part of it.

Let's talk about facts. This industry – worth a staggering $2.5 trillion – isn't exactly known for its lower impact practices. From polluting our climate to exploiting workers, especially women of color in the supply chain, it's clear something needs to change. That's where the Fashion Act comes in. It's all about holding big players accountable and ensuring they clean up their act. And we're here for it.

At Faherty Brand, we're driven by a passion for making a real impact. It's the guiding principle behind every decision we make. Understanding our role in shaping the environmental impact of the fashion industry, we're proud supporters of regulations like The Fashion Act. 

Recently, we had a unique chance to embody our values by participating in a lobbying day for the bill in May. Our sustainability team eagerly answered the call to action, journeying to Albany, NY, to contribute to the passage of legislation poised to send ripples of change throughout the fashion world.

The Story of The Day

We rose with the sun, eager to catch the 7 am bus from Manhattan that would carry us all the way to Albany.

Upon arrival, we joined forces with 130 individuals for a press conference, amplifying our collective call to pass the bill. Lisa Diegel, our Director of Global Sustainability, took the stage and delivered a stirring speech, highlighting Faherty's support of The Fashion Act. Here is a snippet of that speech:

“We believe in a new kind of quality. Quality should not just be signified by expensive fabric, craftsmanship and higher retail prices, it now must include; the use of lower impact materials, innovative manufacturing processes, elimination of hazardous chemicals and supply chain transparency. Garments should be made to last and to have more than one life, they should be made in manufacturing facilities that are safe and fair for workers,  with materials that do not destroy nature and communities.”

After the press conference, our group divided into smaller teams and dispersed across the capital for scheduled meetings with senators and assembly members.

Faherty In Support of the Fashion Act

Each group was a diverse mix of individuals, including students, lawyers, fashion brands, entrepreneurs, and more. This broad spectrum represented the multitude of stakeholders affected by the bill. During the meetings, everyone had the opportunity to voice their specific concerns regarding the fashion industry and emphasize the importance of passing the bill. In one particularly impactful meeting our MBA Sustainability Intern, Mollie Shield attended, an Assemblywoman was so persuaded that she signed on to the bill right then and there in the room.

After concluding our meetings, our group gathered to reflect on the day and bid farewell to the new friends we'd made. Around 4:30, we departed the capital, bound for NYC. 

It was a day filled with lasting impact, one our team will cherish forever. We feel privileged to contribute to such meaningful change and recognize the importance of our role. Here's to the Fashion Act and our ongoing efforts to improve the fashion industry for both the planet and its people.

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