Faherty x Surfrider: Summer 2024 Capsule Collaboration

Adventures 06.20.24

 In the world of growing conscious consumerism, we critically value our commitment to offering clothing pieces that will last and our role in leading the change we wish to see. 2024 marks the eighth year of partnership between Faherty and the grassroots ocean conservation non-profit organization, the Surfrider Foundation, and the third consecutive year collaborating on a limited-edition collection rooted in a laid-back coastal vibe. In addition to giving back to causes we care about, the Faherty brand continues to mind our impact on the planet, investing in innovative materials and ethical design and manufacturing practices. For this summer’s much anticipated collaboration, the Faherty and Surfrider teams worked together on limited-edition designs for men and women made with lower-impact fibers like Organic Cotton and SeaWool®. The collection features a wide range of pieces that will keep you comfortable during a day at the beach, on the job or when you want to dress up and feel effortlessly chic.  

You can find the collection here.

Expanding on our ongoing participation with Surfrider’s grassroots network around the country, the Faherty team explored the island of Maui this spring and expressed a keen interest in connecting with the community. The Surfrider Maui Chapter volunteers hosted the Faherty team for a tour of their local programs and initiatives. The outcome was an inspired day that further instilled the shared values for protecting what we all love and a very special feature of the Maui Chapter in a Summer 2024 Faherty campaign. 

We sat down with Surfrider activists Kristina McHugh and Greg Masessa to learn more about their roles with the local chapter. 

Tell us about yourself.

Faherty x Surfrider: Summer 2024 Capsule Collaboration

 Kristina: I'm Kristina McHugh, and I co-manage the water testing lab for Maui Chapter’s volunteer-run Blue Water Task Force program. Every month we collect ocean samples from across Maui and test for enterococcus, an indicator of fecal bacteria, then share the results with the local community so that they know when it is safe to enter the water to play, surf, or swim.

Greg: My name is Greg Masessa, I am the coordinator of the Maui Chapter’s Blue Water Task Force. I work as a water quality technician at UH Maui College.

What inspired you to get involved with Surfrider?

Kristina: I grew up in Santa Monica spending lots of time in and around the ocean and have always been passionate about protecting the ocean. I joined a few Surfrider beach cleanups growing up and got more deeply involved when I moved to Maui in 2020. I was curious about water quality around Maui, especially after seeing people swim in the ocean after brown water rain and runoff events. It’s important to me to have a direct positive impact by monitoring the water quality of beaches and sharing the data with the local community.

Greg: I first got involved with Surfrider Grand Strand Chapter in college in Myrtle Beach, SC. After moving to Maui, I felt joining Surfrider at a larger scale would be a good way to get involved and give back to a community that has given so much to me. It's a way to practice my “kuleana”, my “responsibility and privilege”, to care for the land and ocean. 

What key environmental issues are impacting your community?

Kristina: Cesspools and runoff are major drivers of water pollution around Maui and the rest of Hawai’i too. Cesspools leak nutrients, bacteria, and other pathogens into ground water which then carries these contaminants to the ocean. There are an estimated 88,000 cesspools around Hawai’i that discharge millions of gallons of sewage into the ocean every day. Additionally, the Lahaina fire August 8, 2023 is the first major fire in an urban area next to the ocean, so there is concern over toxic chemicals entering the ocean and having short- and long-term impact on human health and marine life.  

Greg: The umbrella issue of climate change is a visible and real threat. Coastal development, erosion, cesspools, injection wells, sea-level rise, ocean warming, and ocean acidification are a few of the top concerns we are working hard to address through our local programs and initiatives. 

What does being a Surfrider activist mean to you?

Kristina: One of the first Hawaiian sayings I learned is “mālama i ke kai a e mālama ke kai iāʻoe” which means “care for the ocean and the ocean will care for you”. The ocean is my happy place so it feels like my duty to do what I can to protect it and give back to the community. 

Greg: It helps me practice my “kuleana” in a place where so many people take so much enjoyment from the environment

Ok, now for a lighter topic. The financial support from Faherty funds Surfrider’s ability to achieve and expand the goals of our mission. How does that make you feel and do you have any favorite pieces from the latest collection?

Kristina: I love that Faherty wanted to collaborate with organizations doing impactful work and have actual activists be represented in their campaigns so that we can share our story. I appreciate that Faherty wanted us to be our natural selves, and in a location of our choosing that is special to us. I admire the effort and intent they put into their partnerships, especially with their Native Artistry campaign. 

I love the Sunwashed Cropped Tee, it's so comfy and breathable, I wear it all the time! Also the Legend Sweater Shirt is super soft and a great light layer.

Greg: I was excited to connect in person with the Faherty team. It was reassuring that they were looking to connect with genuine activists and very cool that they amplified our personal activist stories in one of their catalogs this year. It shows the integrity of the company. I really like the quality of the materials and their message 🤙🏾 

You will definitely find me wearing the Sunwashed Slub Hoodie! 

We are proud to celebrate the Faherty x Surfrider Summer 2024 Collection and our long running partnership. Join us, learn more about the Surfrider Foundation and become a friend of the ocean here.

Check out the 2024 Faherty x Surfrider Collection available in our shop HERE

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