Native Partnerships

Faherty is deeply proud of our ongoing partnership with Native communities and supports their fight for human rights and prosperity. It’s part of our mission to partner with Native artists to end appropriation in fashion and offer authentically designed clothing that benefits Native communities.
  These communities are at the forefront of protecting the planet and their survival is most directly and imminently impacted by the climate crisis. Therefore, the more resources we can put in the hands of Native and Indigenous people, the better off we’ll all be

“Fashion Redressed”
In this film produced for us by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions, we visit the homeland of Lehi ThunderVoice Eagle, our Native partner, and he talks with Kerry about the fashion industry’s impact on Native communities and how Faherty is working to end appropriation.

Meet Our Native Design Partners

Partner Organizations

Partnership Highlights

Native Muralist painting a Faherty wall

Native Murals

We want to acknowledge that our stores are on Native lands, and we are proud to feature Indigenous murals and art in and outside of Faherty stores.

Community group photo in front of a sunset

Community Investment

We partner with community leaders and various Native-led organizations to support movements related to cultural preservation, land restoration, mutual aid, representation in media, healing, and more.