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We made our teenage dream come true — as a family-run brand, every day we look forward to making the high-quality, sustainably-minded, feel-good favorites that you’ll love.

Meet Our Founders

A photo of co-founder Alex Faherty.
Chief Executive Officer

Alex Faherty

Prior to launching Faherty, Alex began his career in business and finance. He ensures we grow responsibly and holds us accountable for making the right decisions to build a business that will thrive.

A photo of co-founder Kerry Docherty.
Chief Impact Officer

Kerry Docherty

Pre-Faherty, Kerry worked as a lawyer and mindfulness teacher. Now, she oversees our sustainability efforts, partnerships, and Sun Sessions, leading us to be more empathetic in our decision-making.

A photo of co-founder Mike Faherty.
Chief Creative Officer

Mike Faherty

With a background in product design, Mike is the creative mind behind Faherty. His inspiration and vision provide the foundation for what we do, and are why our products are made to last a lifetime.

Committed to the Planet

We recognize the impact the fashion industry has on the world, and we’re dedicated to being better stewards of the planet.

Our Products

We prioritize sustainable fibers like organic cotton, ethically-sourced cashmere, recycled polyester, linen, and hemp. We strive to use non-toxic dyes and water-efficient processes. We currently ship in recycled polyester bags but are making the shift to an environmentally-friendly tissue paper alternative.

Someone working on tailoring a shirt, on a table spread with designs and fabric samples.

Our Partners

We’re always learning, growing, and looking for ways to improve how we do business. As part of that ongoing quest, we’ve partnered with a number of organizations committed to making the world a better place.

A pulled-out view of a coastline and waves at sunset.

Our Practices

Our team is proud to compost, recycle, and donate all remnant fabrics to FABSCRAP, an industry recycling program that keeps cloth and clothing out of landfills. We primarily use refurbished and vintage goods in both our offices and stores.

A man in a patterned button-up with a blanket over his shoulder.

Native Partnerships

Currently, 10% of the sales from all of our Native-inspired prints are donated to organizations supporting Native communities. By the end of 2021, all of our Native-inspired prints will be replaced by original artwork from Native designers, like Doug Good Feather (Lakota) and Bethany Yellowtail (Crow/Cheyenne).

A man leading a workout class outside.

A Second U

Hector Guadalupe, the founder of A Second U, has been a close friend and trainer to Faherty for years. We participate in and support this incredible program, which has worked with and placed 197 formerly incarcerated men and women in the personal training industry — with no re-offenders.

Two men playing instruments inside a store. Two men playing instruments inside a store.

Sun Sessions

With our event series, Sun Sessions, we bring together good people doing good work through concerts, workshops, dinners, and more.