Here’s to new designs, new fabrics, new partnerships, and more — we’ve got a few key initiatives we can’t wait to roll out in the new year. 

Efforts in Sustainability


One of our key goals for 2021 is to improve the sustainability of our collections across the board, starting by ensuring that 85% of our collections are made from better-for-the-environment materials. 

Currently, our focus is on prioritizing natural fibers like organic cotton and linen, as well as ethically-sourced cashmere, recycled fleece, and more. We’re also always looking for ways to improve our production process without sacrificing quality or comfort by using non-toxic dyes and water-efficient dyeing techniques wherever possible. 

Improving Our Packaging


Our sustainability efforts don’t stop with clothing. Currently, all of our clothing is shipped in recycled polyester bags, but we spent 2020 testing packaging alternatives to cut down on plastic. This year we’re hoping to make the switch to an environmentally-friendly tissue paper alternative, which would make our packaging 90% polyester-free. 

From Native-Inspired to Native-Designed


When we first started producing Native-inspired prints at Faherty, we failed to make a commitment to the peoples and cultures who informed them. Now we know better — and are learning more every day — which is why in 2021 we’re making the shift to entirely Native-designed patterns. 

We will continue to donate 10% of all sales of our Native-inspired inventory to organizations supporting Native communities; this year alone we raised over $100,000 for Lakota Way Healing Center. 

And, moving forward, all new patterns will be designed by partners like Doug Good Feather (Lakota) and Bethany Yellowtail (Crow/Cheyenne).

Growing Our Community


Over the year ahead we’re doubling down on our commitment to expand our community, by every definition of the word — more Sun Sessions, more diversity on our teams and with our models, more Truth Talks, more partnerships, more inclusive sizing, more great stories, more great people...basically, there’s plenty more to come, and we can’t wait to share it all with you. 


And if you’ve got ideas on how we could be doing any of this better (or something totally different!) send them our way at  — we’d love to hear from you. 




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