MTK Spotlight: Sophia Bastian

MTK Spotlight: Sophia Bastian

People 02.13.23

Though singer and songwriter Sophia Bastian calls New York City home, Montauk is where she goes to recharge. “I have family and friends out in Montauk and I go there to get my nature fix,” she tells us during our latest shoot in the iconic Long Island village. “It’s a great place to work on my music. Whenever I get the chance, I take a walk on the beach then listen to what I have been working on.”

A former ballerina in her adolescence before her love of music took hold in her teenage years, Bastian pulls inspiration from not only the ocean, but also from iconic artists including Stevie Wonder and Roberta Flack. “They were the nutrition I was nurturing my musical self with during the writing process,” she says of her new album. “I’d say this music, well it’s definitely acoustic and I describe it as singer-songwriter soul in order not to fall into any box.”

Below and in her own words, hear from Bastian about her musical process, her love for nature, and more.

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On her love for Montauk:

“Time away in nature gives me a fresh perspective. Nothing recharges me as much as going to the ocean. It has a very powerful effect on my voice, particularly the Atlantic. Salt water in particular has been shown to have a strong effect on muscle relaxation—relaxing mind, body, and vocal chords.

When I go to Montauk, I enjoy being outdoors and around live music. I frequent the Talkhouse in Amagansett and the Surf Lodge as both a patron and performer.”

On her new music:

“My producer calls my music ‘Gangsta Gospel’ which he means in a flippant, tongue and cheek way. I’d say the music I’m working on now is more earnest and very acoustic sounding. I can’t wait to put it out. The first single will drop this month. This album shows my evolution.”

On her songwriting process:

“Writing music is quite intimate and my process is driven by a lot of quiet and introspection. Life as a songwriter…we really process everything we are experiencing and I can’t quite control what I write. It just starts with something that unlocks a memory and a little creek of lyrics starts flowing.

I go through an emotional channel and take notice when there is a narrative forming. Then, I make a conscious effort to take what I’m trying to say to the next level. It’s always a really uncanny process and there are plenty of times when I don’t know how I’ll find another song to come out of me. It’s those times when I know I need to trust myself and go do something in nature. When I’m not so hung up on it, other ideas come in. I just feel it.”

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