Season's Greetings From the Fahertys

Adventures 12.04.20

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Family is at the core of our business; you might even say it is our business. Faherty isn’t something we start in the morning and put away in the evening — we live and breathe it around the clock, it’s interwoven into the time we spend together, the things we think about, and the conversations we have with each other.

We even design our clothes with family in mind — clothes that are comfortable and soft, that you can relax in, clothes for chilling out with the people you love, that will see you through a lifetime of happy moments.

And because this is such a family matter, it’s deeply important to us that Faherty is an honest reflection of our personal values: to lead consciously and inclusively, to stay brave (and soft), to spread good vibes, to leave the world a better place than we found it, and to remember that, more than anything else, we are better and stronger together.

We’re coming to the end of a long, unexpected, life-changing year; your holidays will almost certainly look a little different than usual. But wherever you are, whatever you’ll be doing, we hope you’re able to celebrate with the people that matter most. Find joy in your family — chosen or biological — stay safe, reconnect...and have a little fun.


The Fahertys



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