Over the course of this unexpected and transformative year, we’ve found ourselves re-committing to the things that matter most: quality, community, purpose, joy.

They guide what we choose to design, how we create it, and where it lives in the world — and given everything that's been unfolding this spring and summer, we're looking at the world a little differently these days. 



As a family business, we know that change starts from within: within ourselves, our team, and our community. So, one sunny Saturday, we headed out to the Rockaways to participate in a beach cleanup led by the Laru Beya Collective, a non-profit that empowers local youth through surfing.


(Nigel Louis and Terumi Murao)


As surfers ourselves, we've spent many early mornings on Rockaway’s beaches — so we were particularly inspired to meet Aydon Gabourel and Warren Sampson, Laru Beya’s co-founders. They introduced us to Terumi Murao, one of their organizers, and mentor-in-training, Farmata Dia; we stopped by our friend Paul Schmidt’s workshop; we caught up with Lou Harris, surfer and organizer; and we got to know Nigel Louis, co-owner of Station RBNY, one of the shops that provide Laru Beya with surfboards for lessons.


(Paul Schmidt and Lou Harris)


Every encounter drove home not only why we were there, but why we do what we do: to live with purpose, to create something beautiful, to fill a need, and to support the members of our community. 

We hope you enjoy our new Fall 2020 Collection as much as we enjoyed creating it.

With love,
Alex Faherty, Mike Faherty, and Kerry Docherty


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