Meet the Makers: Carolina Sevilla

People 05.03.22

Carolina Sevilla is proof that one person can make an impact. The former lawyer turned ocean activist was brought to tears watching a video about marine plastics. A problem so big leaves many feeling helpless, but she acted.  

In 2016 she launched an Instagram account, @5minutebeachcleanup, to raise awareness around plastics in the ocean. Her posts of bottle-strewn beaches and turtles wrapped in nets went viral, inspiring her to launch a nonprofit that hosts beach clean-ups. “In just five minutes, people can pick up three pounds of trash,” she says. “We’ve recovered one ton in an hour with 50 volunteers.” She now has 10 clean-up stations throughout Costa Rica. “The ocean gives us so much,” she says. “This is an easy way for us to give back to the ocean.”

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