We first met Allison Graham three years ago at one of our Sun Sessions events...and we’ve been dreaming about working with her ever since.

“I want the world to change so we won’t continue to exist in the gender binary. I want the world to see that no matter how much they ostracize masculine-presenting women, we won’t back down. My boobs don’t determine my worth, they don’t determine my masculinity, my femininity, or even my gender.”

That dream is finally a reality: say hello to our limited-edition collaboration, featuring six gender-neutral styles designed for everyone. 

Allison at left (in the Sports Bra and Max Short) and middle center (in the Max Top). Also featured: Colorblock Hoodie, Colorblock All Day Short, All Day Trucker Hat, and Whitewater Hoodie.

“I want to make space for masculine-presenting women, but also GNC and non-binary and trans folks — anyone who doesn’t feel associated with or doesn’t want to be forced to adhere to certain gender constructs.” 

These 80s-inspired essentials, from shorts to shirts, are summer-ready and made for mixing and matching. The collection is equal parts Faherty and Graham, where our casual vibes and comfort get a colorful, athletic spin.

“I don’t take photos at the beach much. Swimwear and beaches are hard for me, between the lack of options as a masculine-presenting woman purchasing swimwear to my gender ambiguity, in which I cannot — refuse to — hide.”

Left to right: Sunwashed Pocket Tee, Bright Short, All Day Trucker Hat, Whitewater Hoodie, Max TopColorblock Hoodie and Colorblock All Day Short.

Graham (of She Does Him) is the founder of Masculinity Is Not A Gender, a clothing line — and philosophy — that embodies her perspective on breaking down the barriers in traditional menswear. Born in Jamaica, she found inspiration in her father’s personal style and has since adopted some of the pieces from her childhood into her wardrobe. 

“Growing up as a girl, we’ve been conditioned to see boobs as sexual; boobs equals me being a woman. We all know that to be false, but at times it’s definitely been an internal tug of war with myself. I’ve always said I am not trapped in my body — I’m trapped in other people’s perceptions of my body.” 

Left to right: Sports Bra, Max Top, and Sunwashed Pocket Tee.

Now a proud Brooklyn resident, Graham is active on social media, using her platform to dismantle stereotypes about the Black and LGBTQIA+ community — specifically as they pertain to gender and identity. 

“Masculine women aren’t validated in the same context that feminine women are. We aren’t appreciated, we don’t seem to be present in society’s views of women, we aren’t often told how beautiful we are...so to my masculine women: you are beautiful, you are handsome, you are fierce.”

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