#BetterTogether is one of our core values. It drives us to look for ways we can positively impact the world and to explore how we can better support our customers, teams, suppliers, and communities. 

To that end, we’re striving to pay forward all the support we’ve received to the front lines of this health crisis. Our face masks are available to keep you and your family safe, and we’re donating 100% of the proceeds to United Natives.

United Natives is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote mentorship, leadership, connection, and wellbeing within Native communities. They’re currently working with Dr. Tom, a Navajo physician, to care for community members of the Navajo Nation, one of the populations that have been hit the hardest by COVID-19.

Tribal communities are ill-equipped to deal with this crisis. Historical inequities have led to a lack of access to clean water, health facilities, PPE, test kits, and scarce medical supplies on reservations. Right now, we have an opportunity to come together to help — thanks to the network at United Natives, we’ve been able to donate and distribute 500 masks and $10,000 worth of basic supplies.

We’re proud to be supporting the work of these incredible people, and we’re incredibly grateful for your own continued support — it lets us do the work that matters. Please keep sharing with us what’s helping you feel good during this weird time, and we’ll do the same.

Take good care,


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