To our Community, 

The pain that we have seen unfolding across America is unlike anything most of us have witnessed in our lifetime. And yet, it is a pain that has been carried in Black bodies and Indigenous bodies every day, for centuries. Our nation was founded on a bedrock of racism, slavery, and genocide, and those chains have not yet been broken. We see it in the disproportionate number of Black people in jail, in healthcare disparities, inequities in school systems, in housing communities, in segregated places of worship, and in the workforce.

We have spoken up on our social media platforms: racism is unacceptable, and we will be committing funds to support organizations that are doing the work to fight for justice. We also commit to changing from within, as individuals and as a team. 

As founders, we will ensure more diverse hiring practices. We will set up paid internship programs for Black and Indigenous students. We will host Soul Series and Sun Sessions on issues of race. We will build ambassador programs to amplify Black voices. We will listen to Linkedin Learnings on uncovering our unconscious biases. We will be intentional about the faces and people we highlight in our catalogs and website. We will ensure our leadership team and Board of Directors are more diverse. These are our commitments to you.

All of this should have been done long ago; there is no excuse for why it’s only happening now, and for that, we are sorry. We are not free until we are all free, and the health of our society depends on the economic, physical, and emotional well-being of people of color. 

One of our core values is better together: we’re calling on your passion, intelligence, and kindness. Lift each other up. Do the work of learning and listening. Offer messages of support. Contribute what you can. Think outside the box — change starts from within.  

We are grateful for you. We appreciate you. Remain compassionate and focused. Let’s make the world a better place.

Kerry, Mike, and Alex

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