We’re always looking for joyful inspiration at Faherty, which is what led me to this recent piece by Ingrid Fetell Lee:  How to Find Joy in an Unconventional Summer. In it, she addresses something that’s been on my mind, and no doubt yours, too — as summer-loving, beach-going, backyard-hanging, free-wheeling spirits, how do we jump into our favorite season when the world is still reeling from a pandemic? How do we (and should we) seek joy amidst ongoing protests against systemic racism and police brutality?

Ingrid Fetell Lee

It’s challenging to know how to navigate, but it’s also vital — joy fuels us, gives us the strength and reserves to do the hard work. We must actively seek it and encourage it, both in our own lives and in the lives of others. So, taking our cues from Ingrid, we’ve put together a few tips on rethinking your summer this year (and highly recommend checking out her fantastic original post):

  • Learn to be a local tourist.
      • Explore your neighborhood like it’s somewhere new — go for a walk and try to take note of the things you never noticed before: a secret roof garden, an unusual architectural detail, that one bright orange car you keep seeing, the graffiti mural you’ve walked by but never really studied. Read up on your area, explore any historical sites, and share your discoveries with nearby friends. 
    • Get off the beaten trail. 
        • Forget your go-to summer spots and steer clear of crowded beaches — instead, plan a day trip, go for a hike, visit the secret swimming hole you’ve been meaning to check out, investigate your camping options, or just hit the road and drive.
      • Bring the party home. 
          • Make the most of whatever you’ve got on hand this summer. Grab a projector and queue up movie nights. Grill whatever you can get your hands on. Mix up a batch of cocktails, play some music, inflate a swimming pool, put on your favorite bathing suit and stretch out (even if that just means sitting on your fire escape), make some popsicles, and live it up. 
        • Defund the police ❤️

        • Take up a solo activity. 
            • Try something new or recommit to an old favorite. Whether it’s hiking, running, swimming, cycling or mountain biking, skateboarding, surfing, or kayaking, just enjoy whatever gets you moving and gets you outside. 
          • Find a hobby. 
              • Maybe it’s time to pick up the pencils and sign up for online drawing classes. Or maybe you’re finally ready to join the sourdough baking craze. Learn to sew, become a birdwatcher, try growing herbs on your windowsill, join a book club, pick your guitar back up, start a collection (stamps are a classic) — just find something you love and dig in. 

            Of course, with any of these ideas, staying healthy is key: wear a mask anytime you’re around crowds or indoors in public, wash your hands, avoid highly trafficked areas and surfaces, keep stops at grocery stores and gas stations to a minimum, and when in doubt, always play it safe. 

            Any other plans we should include? Tell us what you’re doing. Share your adventures with us on Instagram @fahertybrand, and let us know how you’re finding joy in the everyday. 


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