Every day, the team at Surfrider Foundation and their huge network of volunteers work to protect our coasts. Last Saturday, they celebrated International Surfing Day, a moment to pause and simply appreciate the waves and beaches that we all love. 

It was also a moment to acknowledge that just as our beaches face a number of challenges, so does our society. As surfers and beachgoers alike, it is our responsibility to foster a vibrant and inclusive community that comes together to protect and enjoy this extraordinary resource. 

Our friend — and Surfrider CEO — Chad Nelsen, said it best on our last shoot with him in CA: 

“It’s a gift to have an ocean life. If we’re not going to care about this ocean magic, who is? If we can get everyone pointed in the same direction and working together and showing up, there’s no stopping us for anything. There’s the optimism. There's a solution for everything.”   

He also reminded us that, “THERE IS NO AWAY. Virtually every piece of plastic that has even been created STILL exists in some form or another unless it’s been burned.” OOF. The more we walk our beaches, the more we’re out in the water surfing, the more trash we see. It may not be our trash, but it is our planet, and we need to do better. 

If you can make it to the beach this summer, we thought we’d share a few easy things you can do to make a difference: 

  • Bring a bag and pick up any trash you pass (plus make sure to carry out your own!); something tight you can seal up when you’re done is best, so nothing blows away. 
  • Avoid producing your own waste by sticking to reusable containers and packaging for any drinks or snacks.
  • Change your sunscreen to one that’s ocean-friendly. 
  • Leave the beach at the beach — as pretty as it all is, try not to disrupt the land by taking sand, shells, starfish, clay, and other pieces of nature home with you.

As a business with deep ties to nature, we’re committed to giving back to the planet — which is why we’re so proud to support the Surfrider’s mission to protect our coasts. Do you have any tips of your own or a great beach memory you want to share? We love hearing from you, so reach out to us on Instagram @fahertybrand


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