Our Winter 2020 Collection is dedicated to makers, and is a celebration of their commitment to craft, quality, and the pursuit of excellence. Our co-founder and designer, Mike Faherty, had a bit to say on the subject.


2020 has been a year of change: changing our habits, changing our minds, changing how we live and work. We’ve all had to shift the way we move through the world, for better or worse.


LEFT: Mike Faherty in our Flecked Merino Hoodie and Forever Jogger. RIGHT: Mike in the Stretch Corduroy Shirt.


To keep creating amidst all that change is no small feat. It has required fortitude; it has required compassion; it has required creativity; it has required patience — I have reached new levels of familiarity with my dining room table. 


LEFT: Yemi Amu in the Driggs Alpaca Cardigan. RIGHT: Yemi in the Malibu Shirt and Arlie Day Pant.


But we forge on. We keep creating. Why? Because for designers and artists and thinkers, writers and painters and mechanics, it's about waking up every day with the drive to do better than you did the day before. It’s about a passion for excellence that thrives in spite of adversity...or perhaps even because of it.


LEFT: Kalen Kaminski in the Legend Sweater Shirt and Orion Utility Pant. RIGHT: Kalen in the Boone Sweater.


Designing a season always starts with getting excited about the raw materials. That never changes — I’m obsessed with finding the best possible fibers; that’s the foundation of everything else, and your foundation has to be rock solid. From there, my mind goes to fabrication: how can we weave this material or what can we combine it with so that it becomes the best possible version of itself? 


 LEFT: Reuben King in the Long-Sleeve Luxe Striped Heather Polo and Stretch Terry 5-Pocket Pant. LEFT: Reuben in the Stretch Seaview Flannel.


Take our new corduroy shirts and pants — I grew up wearing corduroy, and I really love that softness, but I wanted to do a more modern take on it, so we added a bit of stretch for extra comfort. Only then does my mind begin to work in terms of collections and thinking about different silhouettes. 


 LEFT: Nadeesha Godamunne (Mokshini) in the Legend Sweater Hoodie and Legend Sweater Pant. RIGHT: Nadeesha in the Montana Moto Coat, B.Yellowtail Beanie, and B.Yellowtail Scarf.


In the end, designing this season provided a through-line for me during an unpredictable year, a return to what I know best and love most: quality and craft. I hope you love it as much as I do.

— Mike Faherty




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