Faherty X ROAR: Honoring Our Restaurant Workers

News & Events 03.19.21

Our Spring 2021 Collection is dedicated to the restaurant industry; in particular, the chefs and workers in New York City. It's our home, our brand was born here, we’re raising our families here, and we wanted to do what we could to help — which is why we’re proud to be partnering with the non-profit ROAR. We’ll be donating $25,000 to their Employee Relief Fund; learn more about our partnership in the letter below, directly from the team at ROAR.

 COVID-19 has undeniably hit everyone hard, but the service industry has suffered some of the worst of it. Many restaurants already operate with next to no room for error: shutdowns, restrictions, health risks, and more have stressed businesses to their limits.  

Statistics about the restaurant industry and COVID-19.

It’s a make-or-break moment for our industry in a time when federal support is limited or nonexistent. The good news is that in many places community organizations are stepping in to help. 

Statistics about the restaurant industry and COVID-19.

We at ROAR (Restaurants Organizing Advocating Rebuilding) have been working alongside the poverty-fighting non-profit, Robin Hood, since the start of the pandemic to provide financial aid for our people, the ones who are part of making our city so special: New York City’s restaurant workers. 

“Restaurant teams live to take care of guests. Now it’s our turn to take care of them.”

 The $500 ROAR x Robin Hood Employee Relief Fund cash grants are awarded to applicants who meet the criteria on a first-come, first-served basis. We have also been collaborating closely with state and city government officials to ensure a sustainable future.

Loyal diners like you have been another bright spot in the fight for survival. If you’re uncertain how to help your favorite restaurant weather the brutal months to come, here are a few quick suggestions: check-in and ask how they’re doing. Dine out, order delivery, pick up food if you’re able, and ask your family and friends to do the same. Every single order counts.

Show up for the places that have always taken care of you. Together we can get through anything; together we’re too small to fail. 

If you would like to directly support our ongoing efforts, donate at roarnewyork.org or learn more about our work to pass legislation in support of relief @roar.ny.

With gratitude,
The ROAR Team 

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