The Paloma Duster Cardigan  has long been one of our bestselling styles — and it just keeps getting better. A true one-of-a-kind, the latest iterations of this Faherty favorite are crafted from 100% organic cotton for a cozy-but-lightweight feel that’s perfect 365 days a year. 

We designed  the Paloma  for maximum versatility: long and open, with a removable belt for easy layering. Helene D. left a sport-on review we love:


“You can easily dress it up (think tight jeans, high heel boots, and a silk top) or down (think elegant WFH bathrobe!).”


The Morning Star Jacquard Paloma


In the past, the patterns of our  Palomas  were inspired by Native art and weavings, and so we donated 10% of their sales to organizations benefitting the Native community. However, moving forward, we’re committing to ensuring that all new patterns are created in partnership with Native designers.

Our first major Native collaboration was launched with  Bethany Yellowtail, an LA-based fashion designer originally from the Crow Nation, and an enrolled member of the Northern Cheyenne Nation in southeastern Montana. 

The  B.Yellowtail Paloma Duster  features designs inspired by traditional Northern Cheyenne motifs: dragonflies to signify blessings and abundance; the red road as a path of wellness; the lodge, or source of life; and the cross — knowing your place on the earth, and being able to find your way back home. 


Friend, artist, and musician  Raye Zaragoza  in the  B.Yellowtail Paloma Duster.


The design and their meanings are inspired by Bethany’s personal tribal heritage and upbringing — in her own words:


“My intention is that whoever wears this robe walks out into the world as a visible manifestation of the love, care, and the future we wish for our people." — Bethany Yellowtail


Now, we’re excited to announce two brand new patterns —  Beach Morning Star  and  Morning Star Jacquard  — designed by our longtime friend, Doug Good Feather. 


Curator and artist  Lily Yeung  in the  Beach Morning Star Paloma Duster.


Doug (who is from the Standing Rock Lakota and Dakota Nation) is the founder of the Lakota Way Healing Center, which offers indigenous spiritual practices to anyone in need of healing. 


"When I wear this sweater, I think of the Native activists and spiritual leaders who have taught me so much; it fills me with joy and inspiration." — Kerry Docherty, Co-Founder and Chief Impact Officer 



There’s nothing we love more than seeing you put your own spin on our clothes — so show us how you’re wearing your Paloma by tagging us  @FahertyBrand  on Instagram.



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