Marine Conservation with Anupa Asokan

People 03.09.22

Certain statistics stick in your head. Like this one that marine scientist, ocean activist, and fisherwoman Anupa Asokan, shared with us: “We’re going to lose 1 million species within our lifetime if we don’t protect our habitats.” The sheer scale seems daunting but Anupa has made it her mission to advance conservation on the marine front. 

Like many people during the pandemic, Anupa found herself trying to be in nature as much as possible. But instead of going for a hike and then returning home to work on a puzzle, Anupa embarked on a solo paddle 27 miles across the Santa Monica Bay to highlight the local biodiversity. “The current along the California coastline supports an amazing ecosystem of kelp forests and rocky reefs,” she told us. Her efforts ultimately raised $10,000 to support the Surfrider Foundation where she is on the Board of Directors.

On the macro-level, Anupa has been working to influence state and federal environmental policy for over 10 years. She is focused specifically on an issue called 30x30. It’s a global goal to protect 30 percent of land and water by the year 2030 in an effort to preserve life on our planet. For the ocean, this would be accomplished by establishing marine protected areas where animals and plants can adapt to the climate change and thrive again. Beyond safeguarding and strengthening our natural resources, 30x30 seeks to create more equitable access to nature. That no matter economic status, race, or ethnicity — we should all have access to wild, healthy oceans. 

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