We’ve been busy behind the scenes working on something big, and we’re very excited to finally be able to share it with you: today marks the launch of our brand new website!

At Faherty we’re committed to delivering the best — the best clothes, and the best experience, too. That’s why we’ve spent the past few months working on redesigning our site specifically with you in mind.


So, what’s new? Well, for starters, we gave everything a major visual refresh. Our whole site has a new, cleaner look that lets the important stuff (like our super comfy clothing) shine. 

We’ve made it easier to find what you’re looking for, too, from new filters here on the Journal to improved product filtering options when you’re browsing our clothing categories. You asked for “Quick Add” to make it extra easy to put your favs in your cart — we made it happen. 

We’ve created special pages for our most iconic products — the Stretch Oxford, the All Day Shorts, the Isha Dress, the Arlie Day Pant, and other favorites — with more info about why we made them and what makes them great. 

Every element of new design is meant to make it easier, more intuitive, and more fun than ever before to find exactly what you’re looking for, whether it’s a new shirt for yourself, the perfect gift, or an answer to your questions.

A couple of the other fresh features we think you’re gonna love:

— We love clothes...and not just our own. Our new Brands We Love page highlights our favorite styles from our favorite companies. 
— If you’re not already a member, there’s no better time to join Faherty Perks, our customer loyalty program — now with new rewards. 
— From custom hemming to repairs, check out our expanded options for tailoring with Hemster.
— Have a question? Check out our Knowledge Base, a one-stop-shop of all our FAQs, help articles, and contact information.

As with anything new, we’re still working out a few kinks — so let us know what you think of the update, what we could still be doing better, and what you’d like to see in the future by reaching out to us at help@fahertybrand.com. Happy shopping!



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