Purpose with Eduardo Garcia

People 11.18.22

Eduardo Garcia got his start in the culinary world out on the open seas as a private yacht chef traveling the world. He grew accustomed to early mornings where he shopped at local markets to pick up fresh ingredients for the day’s meals. Nowadays, he still rises early but instead of shopping at the grocery store or street market, he’s shopping in his own backyard.

At his magical farm in Montana, Eduardo has deepened his purpose as a chef by cultivating the earth and growing his own ingredients and raising animals. Each morning he walks amongst the chickens, apple trees, berry bushes, and gardens full of squash, fennel, broccoli and more. Eduardo talked to us about his newly found passion and enduring purpose.

“It’s my stoke to see the loop. See all this mint? We’ll never use it all but we’ll bundle it up, let it dry and then sprinkle it in the bedding for the chicken coop,” Eduardo said. While he always loved being in the kitchen and cooking, something changed when he turned thirty. The milestone birthday led him to seek more connectivity. “I wanted to bring joy and food to more people but I never thought I’d end up growing my own food.”

As he laughed about his struggle to grow Brussels sprouts, Eduardo reminisced about cooking thousands of meals — from flipping burgers as a teen until now. “Food is about exploring. Where does it come from? If you don’t have a story, I don’t know how you stay passionate.” As a chef, he gets asked all the time what his favorite meals are. “My favorite foods are of this place – they tell a story of the Montana terroir,” he said.  

Why do we do what we do? It’s a question that we return to time and again as a growing family business. Friends like Eduardo remind us to always seek out connectivity, to learn and grow, and to savor the experience.

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