Looking back at 2021, we feel so many mixed emotions but we’ll leave it to historians and journalists to recap all the big news stories that have rocked our world. In our little corner, we just kept trying to do our part. We make clothes but we have always believed that we could do so consciously. This past year, we are proud of our team’s efforts especially in the realm of inclusivity and sustainability. But there is always more to do and we’re ready for the challenge in 2022. 

Our ongoing partnerships with Native designers and artists, Bethany Yellowtail (Northern Cheyenne Nation), Doug Good Feather (Standing Rock Indian Reservation), and Steven Paul Judd (Choctaw & Kiowa), continue our mission as a brand to model mutually beneficial relationships between Native artists and non-Native companies for collective healing. Sales from items like jewelry from the B.Yellowtail Collective or Doug Good Feather designed blankets have contributed to the restoration of Native land and the economic empowerment of Indigenous communities, while amplifying their stories. 

As we look forward, we will continue many of these partnerships while also working with new Native designers. We are especially excited about our upcoming collaboration with Lehi ThunderVoice Eagle, a Navajo/Totonoc Indigenous painter and clothing designer.

In the realm of sustainability, we have worked hard this past year to source and develop eco-friendly textiles for our designs – they’re in 85% of our products. From organic cotton and traceable cashmere to recycled polyester and recycled down feather fill, we have prioritized working with environmentally responsible mills to lessen our impact on the planet’s ecosystem. 

But that’s not enough. In 2022, we will be launching our circular fashion initiative, Second Wave, to keep our clothes out of landfills and in use for as long as possible. In addition to offering free repairs through Hemster, there will be opportunities for our customers to join in on our recycling and upcycling efforts by bringing or sending in pre-loved Faherty items to be resold in a shared online marketplace. We have always made clothes meant to last a lifetime and now, it is our goal, to make them truly part of a zero waste system. 

Here we go! We hope you’ll keep following along with us on the journey in 2022.

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