Our Native Design Commitment

Our Native Design Commitment

Native Initiatives 10.28.22

At Faherty, we are incredibly proud of our ongoing collaborations with Native and Indigenous designers, and grateful for the wisdom of Native leaders, our board member Crystal Echo Hawk (founder of IllumiNative), and Native team members who make us better. We’re committed to actively educating ourselves on Native history, supporting Native run initiatives, and working to end appropriation of Native prints in fashion.

The designs created by our Native partners weave stories and meaning into our clothes. When you buy a piece from Bethany Yellowtail (Crow Nation and Northern Cheyenne), Doug Good Feather (Standing Rock Lakota and Dakota Nation), Lehi ThunderVoice Eagle (Diné and Totonoc), and Steven Paul Judd (Kiowa-Choctaw and Northern Cheyenne), you are helping end appropriation in fashion.

Our relationships with these notable artists extend beyond clothing. Doug Good Feather founded the Lakota Way Healing Center in Colorado, a nonprofit that draws on his traditional knowledge to help people ranging from the homeless and foster kids to recovering addicts and war veterans. Through our partnership, Good Feather purchased more than 160 acres of land to expand the Center.

At Faherty, we seek to uplift the culture and traditions of Native peoples of past, present, and future generations. Part of this is acknowledging that Faherty stores are on Native Land. We honor Indigenous communities by commissioning Indigenous artists to paint murals at Faherty stores. Crystal Worl (Tlingit Athabascan), for example, created ‘The Chief, His Son Raven, and The Sun’ for our Seattle store, which depicts the tale of a raven who turned into a boy who turned back into a raven and flew into the sky and released the sun gifting the Earth with daylight.

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