Our Co-Founder Mike On Our New Bags, The Latitude Collection

Behind the Seams 10.19.23

“I am on the road a lot. Sometimes it’s a quick few days on a work trip visiting a production facility. Other times a few weeks of summer vacay with the fam, or a surf trip with my childhood buddies. Basically, I take a lot of different types of trips, so I have been dreaming of a versatile group of bags and luggage that works for all of them.

Over the years I have shuffled through a lot of different products, but I’ve never been completely satisfied. The stuff out there was either too techy, they’re too sleek and shiny-looking or full of bright colors and logos that only worked for a ski trip. Other ones I liked were too traditional with heavy materials that made me feel like I was heading on a hunting trip. So I began to build and brainstorm how the perfect collection could look. The more I dug into the project, the more obsessed I became with building the perfect bag.

Every little detail had to be considered and it all started with the fabric. I’m not a big fan of shiny things, but I knew we needed a synthetic material versus waxed cotton because that would allow us to achieve the lightest weight possible. Your clothes, shoes, and other essentials are heavy enough, so I knew the bag had to be super lightweight. And when we engineered the nylon fabric we used an innovative recycled fiber that was expertly crafted to have a matte finish, so it looked more like those old vintage military sacks I love.

We truly built a new kind of canvas that has a durable construction that can take a beating but can transition to any type of use case, from adventure-driven trips to family vacays to work travel. Versatility was key.

Then, we dug into the details. True industrial strength webbing gives the handles and straps an incredible amount of strength and wearability while also paying homage to true surplus standards of yesteryear. The hardware is worn and finished to look like you’ve had it in your rotation for years and leather accents reinforce handles and give it a little softness and patina. When you open them, they’re designed to keep everything you need organized—laptops and iPads have padded compartments and so do your sunglasses, iPhone, and keys that have special pockets for easy access.  We added on a little group of small accessories to partner with the bags so you can have even more convenience.

I look forward to seeing these bags and accessories out there in the world. Hopefully I’ve solved a similar problem for you when it comes to the type of bags and luggage you wanna travel with. As always, hope you enjoy and hit me up with any feedback on the products.”

Mike Faherty, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer 


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