Meet the Makers: Debi Nova

People 05.03.22

Debi Nova’s Latin Grammy-nominated song, Quédate (Stay), is like a love letter to her country’s pura vida lifestyle. Referencing the sunset and sea, it also masterfully incorporates the melting pot of influences—from Calypso to Bolero—that have shaped Costa Rica’s current musical landscape. “We don’t have a singular native sound,” she says. “Being in the middle of the continent we grab elements of music from around the globe.” 

A singer-songwriter since the age of 14, she signed her first record deal at 17 and then went on to collaborate with Ricky Martin and the Black Eyed Peas in her 20s. Now, she’s one of Latin America’s most talented pop singers. Her new daughter, Paloma, is her latest muse. “In Latin America, female artists still aren’t getting the visibility they deserve,” she says. “My next record is all about celebrating women.

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