This is the shirt we come back to over and over again. The shirt we never get tired of. The shirt everyone loves. The shirt you see, and think “Okay, a cozy flannel, got it,” and then you feel it and you realize you actually had no idea — this is the softest, stretchiest damn shirt in the whole world. 

Since launching in 2018, our  Legend Sweater Shirt  has been our bestselling style for a reason (plenty of them, in fact). When co-founder and designer, Mike Faherty, set about designing it he had one goal in mind: pairing the coziness of your favorite sweater or sweatshirt with the pulled-together look of a button-up. 


Mechanic  Jared Lamanna  in the Legend in  Heritage Plaid.


The result? Our  #1 shirt for laid-back comfort. The secret is all in the details — specifically, the custom-developed fabric. We worked with a family-run factory in Turkey to develop the exceptional viscose yarn, an exclusive blend of three fibers selected for their softness, stretch, and perfect recovery:

  • Polyester: Excellent at Retaining Its Shape
  • Viscose: Has a Soft, Fleecy Texture
  • Spandex: Extremely Flexible for Full Range of Movement


Designing the  Legend Sweater Shirt


Wear it however, whenever, won’t ever lose its shape, and will always be out-of-this-world soft. You can also wear it open, layered, or all on its own;  the iconic Legend  takes it all in stride, as a couple of other icons amply prove:


 LEFT: The Legend in  Arctic Buffalo, on our shoot with Blundstone.
RIGHT: Justin Vernon in the Legend in  Washed Blue.


Ready to dive a little deeper? Go behind the seams and get a look at the making of the Legend Sweater Shirt with Faherty Chief Creative Officer and designer, Mike Faherty.

In short — the  Legend Sweater Shirt  is the perfect combination of every superlative we could think of. You just need to feel it to believe it...and, thankfully, we just restocked on some new colors.  


RIGHT: Kalen Kaminski in the Legend in  Arlington Plaid.


Snag one for yourself, and tag us  @FahertyBrand  on Instagram to show us how you're wearing it.




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