Terumi Murao is a creative director, model, sustainable wardrobe stylist, and surfer. We met her while shooting our Fall 2020 Collection in the Rockaways.

"I started surfing about six years ago. The person that taught me to love the sport is a talented Black surfer from LA. He’s experienced discrimination in and out of the lineup throughout his surfing career, but has always responded with integrity and love — making his surfing that much more powerful.”


At left, Terumi in the Corduroy Studio Chore Jacket. At right, a Laru Beya beach cleanup.


Terumi lives in the Rockaways with her roommate, Atongular Monique. They’ve been volunteering with Laru Beya, a non-profit mentorship organization dedicated to serving the youth of the Rockaway community, for the past few years.

“Atong brought me on with Laru Beya. Their values, sense of integrity, and the prioritization of the children’s best interest are bar none. It’s not just about pushing a kid onto a wave; it’s about getting them fed, making sure they’re doing well in school, that they’re happy...it’s a holistic approach. It feels like a big family.”


Terumi in the Soleil Hoodie.


“For me, this is a sport that can be incredibly beautiful and offer many gifts, but its exclusive nature needs to change. It is my joy and purpose right now to stand alongside Black and Indigenous folks. I view this as a time to support others, pass the mic, and do everything I can to stand up for the people I love."  


You can follow Terumi on Instagram @meru_turao  and Laru Beya @larubeyasurfing

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