When we first started Faherty, we wanted to make clothing for life’s great moments — but sometimes life’s moments aren’t always so great. 

The past year hit us like a ton of bricks. It exposed, critically so, just how fragile everything is.  We simply don’t have words for how painful this year has been. Quite frankly, we’re humbled to even still have our business, when others have lost so much.

The Daybreak Hoodie (coming soon), Long-Sleeve All Day Tee, Soleil Board Short (coming soon), and the Day Tripper Hoodie and Pants (coming soon).

We’ve been taking the time to question our decisions, reflect on what really matters, and get back to our mission: crafting the highest quality gear for all of life’s moments. The great ones, the really hard ones, and everything in between. 

The Short-Sleeve Playa Shirt (coming soon), Out East Sweater Tank, Arlie Day Pant, and Linen Laguna Shirt.

Our sneakily comfortable modern basics take you from morning coffee to WFH to chasing kids around or going out. Our performance-meets-comfort collections are built for this all-lines-are-blurred life — this is craftsmanship where every little detail is taken care of.

Above all, though, we want to thank you for investing your time and energy in us.  We wish you joy, we wish you comfort, and we wish you happiness. 

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