Founder of Brooklyn Writers Collective

Founder of Brooklyn Writers Collective

People 08.18.22

Molly Rosen

Kerry was already at work on her children’s book, Somewhere, Right Now, when she joined the Brooklyn Writers Collective during Covid. But after her first few classes she felt a real shift in her commitment to writing. “Molly has a real knack for getting people to say how they feel in the most honest, raw, form,” Kerry says. “She taught me that every story is interesting as long as it’s the truth.”

Despite the tales of Hemingway and Wordsworth, very few writers scribble prose all day at a mahogany desk or Parisian cafe. “I don’t even have a desk,” says Molly. “I have two kids. My coffee table is also my dinner table and writing desk. My daughters also dump all their stuff on it at the end of the day.” The writing process is an inherently arduous, lonely craft that she’s trying make more enjoyable and collaborative through the Brooklyn Writers Collective. “It’s more fun to do things in a group,” she says. “It’s like being on a team.” 

The founder of the cult bohemian wedding company, Stone Fox Bride, Molly spent years writing about joyous brides on social media. When her business and marriage faltered at the same time her father passed away, the mother of two candidly started to chronicle her journey of love and loss on Instagram. The honesty resonated. She says many of her first students were looking to delve into painful transitions. The Brooklyn Writers Collective helps members unravel their stories and put them on paper. At a retreat, students sit around a table and share their work and ideas for 20 hours over the course of a weekend. “It’s so energizing because a fresh pair of eyes and a fresh perspective can help you see your work in a whole new way. That is my goal as a teacher.”

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