The Storyteller

The Storyteller

Native Initiatives 08.18.22

Doug Good Feather

When you look at the geometric patterns of our Doug Good Feather Canyon Overshirt you probably see diamonds, zigzags, and stripes. When we ask our namesake design partner what he sees, he’ll tell you mountains, trees, and fire. “Those geometric shapes are the fingerprints of nature,” says Doug. “When you look closely you will see them in everything. That’s how I design. I reimagine a tree or a cloud as a geometric pattern.”

Born and raised in the traditional Indigenous ways of his elders on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation in South Dakota, Doug says many of his ideas come to him in vision quests or are inspired by elements he uses in traditional healing rituals, such as fire. “Each design holds a deeper meaning and teaching,” he says. “Fire teaches you patience, but it also nurtures and protects you.” We shot part of our fall collection on the site of Doug’s nonprofit, the Lakota Way Healing Center, located in Conifer, Colorado. Here he combines his Western studies in psychology and counseling with his traditional knowledge to help people ranging from the homeless and foster kids to recovering addicts and war veterans. 

A war veteran himself, Doug never wanted to be a healer but when he came home from Iraq he went on a vision quest and saw his purpose was to help others. Through his relationship with Faherty, he’s been able to purchase more than 160 acres of land to expand Lakota Way Healing Center. “What started as a design partnership has grown to a real friendship,” he says.

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