When deciding on where to shoot our winter catalog, the sweeping vistas of Big Sky, Montana beckoned us with their fresh mountain air. Not only is it in an outdoor wonderland of great mountainscapes, geysers, and grizzlies, but the state is also where one of our favorite Native collaborators, Bethany Yellowtail, grew up.

Because of Bethany and her family, we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to learn about and experience one of the great traditions of the West. Bethany Yellowtail’s brother, Stephen Yellowtail, is descended from a long lineage of cowboys. He showed Alex how to lasso cattle (it’s as hard as it looks) while Kerry and Bethany shared hot chocolate and talked upcoming design initiatives.

Another highlight? Fly-fishing in Upper Madison River. Despite being under the tutelage of an experienced guide, Alex and Kerry caught...nothing. But it’s not about the one that got away. It’s about spending the day together in a rolling river – those small, mindful moments at the golden hour when the rush of our daily lives seem so far away. Still, Kerry would like everyone to know that her fly-fishing technique is much better than Alex’s!

And, of course, we had to stop by and say hi to the folks at one of our newest stores nestled in a 165-acre walking village and surrounded by 11,000 foot snowy peaks. If you find yourself in Big Sky, Montana one day – we hope you’ll come in and share your adventures with us.

Until then, follow along on our trip through Montana and check out our new holiday catalog below!

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