The Oxford shirt was originally named for its cloth (developed in 19th-century Scotland), which was itself named for the renowned English university. 

So how’d it go from regional fabric to a global icon? Polo — British players loved how lightweight and breathable the shirt was, especially after adding buttons to prevent the collars from flapping around in the wind during a game. 



In the 20s and 30s, it caught on among Ivy League students in America, and the rest was history — until now. We took the classic menswear staple and put the Faherty spin on it with a custom fabric engineered for maximum softness, plus a little stretch for comfort: enter the  Stretch Oxford Shirt.



It’s not just the fabric; every little detail, from the shell buttons to the reinforced seams, was carefully considered when we were making this everyday staple. 



Prepsters, rebels, movie stars, and politicians have all rocked their own spin on the other words, it’s incredibly versatile — consider this your do-everything shirt, perfect for staying in, heading out, or getting down to work. 

Basically, it’s an Oxford...just way more comfortable. Check out a "day in the life" of the  Stretch Oxford  with our co-founder and designer, Mike Faherty.



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