Giving Back to Artists for Peace and Justice


Haiti, in one word, is complex. Two extremes exist at once: profound hope and beauty alongside poverty and corruption. Kerry (Alex's wife and Brand President) had visited Haiti twice before with her dear friend Kathryn Everett, who helps run Artists for Peace and Justice (APJ), an organization that operates the largest free high school in Haiti. With over 2,800 students, most of whom come from the poorest slum in Haiti, the school itself is a beacon of light. APJ also runs the Ciné Institute, a school that offers film and audio workshops to local Haitians seeking to use their art to create change. Inspired by the work of APJ and allured by the beauty of Haiti, we spent five days exploring the country.


-40 students (many from the poorest neighborhood in Haiti) a free education at APJ for an entire year

-Health insurance for sponsored students and their families

-A teacher’s salary

-School supplies