Full & Part-Time Team Members - Boston, MA

About us:

We’re a New York-based lifestyle and apparel brand founded in 2013 by twin brothers Mike and Alex Faherty with the aim of creating clothing for life’s great moments. From a childhood filled with surfing and a shared love of the beach, beach culture is authentically inherent to our brand’s DNA. We’re committed to designing clothes for all seasons with unwavering craftsmanship, premium materials, and a focus on sustainability.

As Faherty Brand continues to grow and open new locations around the country we are in search of great new people to join the family and grow with us.


About the job:

We’re looking for a TEAM for both full and part-time positions at our new store in Boston, MA. This is a unique opportunity to help Faherty Brand become a shopping destination in one of our favorite Boston neighborhoods. In sum, we are in search of the faces and shopkeepers of our newest store. This is not a corporate or 9-5pm job, and we’re looking for entrepreneurs ready to have full ownership in running a Faherty shop.


Talents required:

Leadership – We need leaders. Sometimes the best people for the job don’t have the “experience required,” but rather have the inherent skillsets to make a difference. We need a team who can maintain, train, develop, and manage and be managed by others who are excited to live and perpetuate the Faherty lifestyle.

Conversation: We need storytellers. People who love talking to our customers, learning about their lives, forming relationships, and sharing who Faherty is, both as people and a brand.

Customer Service. Our customers are the most important part of our brand and our success. We need people who develop relationships with people in the neighborhood and beyond, who bend over backward to make each person have a great experience when they walk in, and who assist with meeting needs. We want each person who walks in to feel like an old friend.

Merchandising: We need people who can make the store look great. All the time. It’s clean, organized, stylish, fresh, and the clothes look great on the shelves and the mannequins. When customers come in, we want the store to feel like a mini-retreat from the crazy streets, where they can relax while enjoying everything from the clothes, music, the scents, the lighting, and the team’s energy.

Marketing: We need people who can spread the word. We’re talking outreach, collaborations, and events. Want to host a meditation in the store? Have live music? Do a personal shopping night? Have a food or drink tasting? Make it happen.

Operations: We need someone who can RUN stuff, and do it with detail and efficiently. Maybe you like binders, maybe checklists are your thing, but we have high expectations you will be able manage what’s on your day to day plate, whether it be inventory, scheduling, payroll, or bigger picture initiatives.

Communication: We need someone who can speak up, loop us in with what’s going on, constantly talk to our small team at HQ, as well as our Faherty teams at other locations, and keep us updated on what’s working and what’s not.  


We Work Fast. We Get It Done. We Have Fun Doing it. If you meet the below qualities, email us at Samantha@fahertybrand.com

You’re motivated.  You dream big and have lofty goals. You take initiative to figure out what needs to get done and you make it happen.

You love people. All types, from the regular customers to tourists to your team to the FedEx guy who makes deliveries everyday and even the dog that stops in for a daily treat. You’re kind. And you hate drama.

You’re a problem solver. You don’t complain. You figure out the what the problem is and then you fix it. If you need help, you ask for it. And you’re positive as you do it.

You love to learn. You love learning new skills, new tasks, and the art of mastering it. You have curiosity and like to have your hand in a lot of things.

You’re laidback but Type A: You come across as laidback because you love to have a good time, but secretly you’re a high achieving perfectionist. This is a magical pairing that almost all of us at Faherty have.

* Physical requirements – ability to stand for long periods of time, walk up and down stairs, lift boxes, perform general maintenance and cleaning duties as needed, availability to work evenings and weekends.


If interested in applying, please email your resume and a cover letter to careers@fahertybrand.com