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February 07, 2017 2 min read


Last year, we started a seasonal event called Sun Sessions, a concert series bedrocked on community, connection, and creativity (the 3 things that give us life). The night opens with good food and drink, a short guided meditation by our brand president Kerry Docherty, and ends with an acoustic performance by some of our favorite musicians. We've now hosted Sun Sessions at our Malibu Store in California, the Urban Cowboy boutique hotel in Nashville, and a Marfa-inspired home in Austin. Our most recent Sun Sessions was held at a loft space in the Lower East Side in NYC and 250 of you joined us around our virtual bonfire for the evening.   

Sun Sessions


Before helping to launch Faherty, Kerry created and taught mindfulness workshops for lawyers, schools, parents, & corporations. Her guided meditation set the tone for the evening, bringing warmth and calmness to a cold city night.  


Paul Beaubrun


Kerry met Paul Beaubrun in Haiti and she was blown away not only by his crazy guitar skills, voice, and amazing dreads, but also his kindness. Paul started and ended the night with his jams, and he infused his Haitian beats into the background of the other musicians’ songs. Quite frankly, he's a legend.


Rayland Baxter


We met Rayland Baxter through mutual friends, and quickly became obsessed. We like to think of him as a modern day Paul Simon: he tells stories through his lyrics and you'll quickly find yourself whistling to his tunes. If you've been to one of our stores, you've heard his songs.


Josiah Johnson


Our first Faherty collection was designed while listening to The Head and the Heart. Little did we know that a year later, after driving our beach house on wheels to Coachella, we would run into the band at a hotel.  We soon became fast friends. Josiah Johnson wooed the crowd with his deep voice, honest and raw lyrics, and, after chants from the crowd, played our favorite song "Rivers and Roads."


Arum Rae


Arum Rae is an adopted Faherty sister. She's played at every one of our Sun Sessions and consistently leaves listeners speechless with the beauty of her songs. Her voice is unlike any other, but if we had to describe her music, we'd say she's a blend of Amy Winehouse and Nora Jones. Here's her covering Adele's Hometown Glory.

Special Thanks

Thanks to the talented visual artists who provided various works which were on display during this event:
Katrina Sorrentino, Veronica Puche & Bia Monteiro

Thanks to our food & beverage sponsors for the evening.

The healthy appleBrooklyn GinOrison WineCisco Brewers 

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