Kerry's Holiday Gift Picks

Kerry (President of the brand, Wife of Co-founder Alex, New Mom, Lawyer, and Mindfulness Guru) picks her gifts for the Holidays.

What are you getting your family this Xmas?

My Mom likes to hibernate in the winter, so I'm outifitting her hibernation with Pole and Swede Slippers, an Aspen Sherpa Blanket and our new Ombre Gray Cardigan.

I'm getting my Dad a Brushed Alpine Flannel. They are the softest. I'll also get him another pair of Khaki Comfort Twill Jeans because since he stopped wearing pleated pants a year ago, he looks 15 years younger.
I'm getting my Sister Clara Red Wing Boots. It's more preventative than generous; she tends to steal from me when I visit, and these are my favorite boots, so I can't stand the thought of her snagging them.
I'm getting my Brother a Waltzing Matilda x Faherty Wallet because I think his current wallet has velcro and a Navy Blanket Lined CPO Jacket.
This is your daughter Ava's first vacation. What are you getting her?
Well, because she's teething right now, she's been a bit fussy. If she doesn't shape up, I'll give her coal. I kid! I'll be getting her a baby poncho hand knit in Peru (which is available at our NYC Bleecker Street store) and a stuffed animal named Floppy.
What's on your Christmas Wishlist?
A vacation. Preferably 3 weeks. By the water. With no internet.
What's your favorite Christmas Decoration?
I bought this plastic fake wood burning fireplace last year, and it's utterly cheesy and ridiculous, but it makes me so happy, I weep. It's the little things that get you through a NYC winter.
Favorite store to shop at besides Faherty?
Follain, which is started by a fellow female entrepreneur friend of mine. She curates the best organic skin care and makeup in the country.  She has stores in NYC and Boston, and they also sell online. Check it out.
What are your holiday plans?
Alex, Ava, and I will work our Bleecker Street pop up Christmas Eve and then head to the Jersey Shore to celebrate with the Fahertys. Then after Christmas, we'll head to Hilton Head to be with my family. Divide and Conquer!
Favorite Christmas Tradition?
Every Christmas morning, my brother, sister and I would sit squeezed between the railing at the top of the stairs waiting till my parents called us down.  When we got the go ahead, we'd run down and try to avoid looking under the Christmas tree until we opened our stockings. From stockings, we did presents. We were always weirdly competitive about who had more presents, so we each would open the presents SO slowly in order to be the last one still opening. My sister always won.
Best Gift Ever?
Barbie Dream House. Duh.

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