Friends of Faherty: Pap, Cameron & Jed


Whenever we put Kerry in charge of photoshoots, she somehow arranges to book a vacation with people she loves and plays dress up with them in Faherty clothes. We fully support this.

Last month, Kerry went out to Los Angeles to visit our friends Pap, Cam, and Jed. With Garrett Cornelison (@reallykindofamazing) behind the camera, they trekked through Los Angeles (and some rooftops) to get some shots. 
The air was chilly and, conveniently, Ker brought outerwear. Here are some of favorite pics.

Pap Shirock 

(Singer, model, stylist)  
We heard about Pap through mutual Nashville friends and met her and her boyfriend Garrett (the photographer of the shoot) at our Malibu Sun Sessions concert. We instantly hit it off. Pap and Garrett spent January in Costa Rica and Nicaragua and rumor has it she is officially a surfer now. You can follow her @papshirock

Cameron St Clair 

(Beloved Jewelry Maker) 
The summer we launched Faherty, we did a pop-up at Union Market in DC with a bunch of other start-ups. We immediately fell in love not only with Cam's jewelry but her goofy spirit. If you've been in any of our stores, you'll see Cam's hammered jewelry displays. She makes all of her product in downtown Los Angeles. Check out her work on her website and follow her @camsaintclair

Jedidiah Jenkins 

(Adventurer, Philosopher & Author)   
Kerry and Jed went to Pepperdine Law School together and shared similar human rights interests. Yet it wasn't until they both retired from law that they reconnected. He was our first "brand ambassador" and his daily Instagram musings fuel our day. Jed is a modern day philosopher, adventurer, and soon to be author. He rode his bike from Oregon to Patagonia. That's crazy. Follow along @jedidiahjenkins

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